0487 Medical Flexible Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Packs



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Guaranteed Safe Checkout Medical Flexible Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Packs

Fight pain with soothing heat and therapeutic cold!
Soothe strains and pain with our reusable, microwaveable hot & cold packs. These gel filled packs stay flexible, even when frozen!
They’re cost effective and long lasting! With three sizes available, choose what best suits you!

Additional Features:
– Perfect for treating injuries requiring hot or cold therapy
Made of soft touch material with sewn edges for added strength and durability
Can be cleaned hundreds of times
Remains flexible even when frozen!
An effective method for applying localized Hot/Cold therapy. Once chilled or boiled, microwaved packs retain their therapeutic value for about thirty minutes. Packs remain soft and pliable even below freezing and moulds to body contours.

Multi-Use Hot & Cold Packs can be used ..
– Hot or Cold
On minor pains or strains
Knees, elbows, back, shoulder, and more
For headache relief
To reduce bruising and swelling
To promote blood flow when used with heat